The Handel Institute
The Handel Institute

Interviews exclusives!

  • Issue 1: Jacqueline Riding - Director of the Handel House Museum, Brook Street, London
    - added 18 November 2001

  • Issue 2: David Bowles (recording producer and cellist) talks about working with Nicholas McGegan, recording Handel operas at the Göttingen Festival, and the dangers of playing continuo.
    - added 22 December 2001

  • Issue 3: Judy Tarling (member of The Parley of Instruments, Opera Restor'd, and The Brandenburg Consort) discusses her philosophy towards playing baroque violin and viola, and her experiences of Handel gained with many of the foremost English baroque orchestras.
    - added 19 January 2002

  • Issue 4: Members of The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment talk about their 2002 concert series "Discovering Handel" with McGegan, Alessandrini, Christie, and Jacobs.

    • Part One: Paul Nicholson (keyboardist)
    • Part Two: Anthony Robson (oboist)
      - added 16 March 2002
  • Issue 5: Tess Knighton (Editor of Early Music and Early Music advisor at London's South Bank Centre) discusses the South Bank Centre's recent "Discovering Handel" concert series, and her enthusiasm for Handel.
    - added 4 May 2002

  • Issue 6: Crispian Steele-Perkins (baroque trumpeter) talks about his interest in historical trumpets and performing Handel.
    - added 7 September 2002

  • Issue 7: Handelian conductors William Christie, Paul McCreesh, Nicholas McGegan, and Trevor Pinnock.
    - added 25 December 2002

  • Issue 8: Sandrine Piau (soprano) speaks with Philippe Gelinaud about performing Handel and her forthcoming Handel opera aria CD on Naïve.
    - added 24 May 2003

  • Issue 9: Bernard Labadie (director of Les Violons du Roy) speaks with David Vickers about his interest in baroque performance and Handel.
    - added 28 June 2003

  • Issue 10: David Daniels (countertenor) speaks with Philippe Gelinaud about singing Handel and other Baroque vocal music.
    - added 7 August 2003

  • Issue 11: Tatty Theo (cellist & director of The Brook Street Band) speaks with David Vickers about her abiding love for Handel’s music, The Brook Street Band, and her edition of a chamber version of The Water Music.
    - added 16 February 2004

  • Issue 12: Christophe Rousset (harpsichordist & director of Les Talens Lyriques) speaks with Philippe Gelinaud about the "intimate" Handel.
    - added 5 May 2004

  • Issue 13: Alan Curtis (harpsichordist & director of Il Complesso Barocco) speaks with David Vickers about conducting Handel operas.
    - added 15 July 2004

  • Issue 14: Robert King (Director of The King's Consort) speaks with David Vickers about his "Handel cycle" of recordings.
    - added 25 September 2004

  • Issue 15: Lawrence Zazzo (countertenor) chats with David Vickers
    - added 10 October 2005

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