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This web site was originally created in 1995 by Brad Leissa (Maryland, USA), who desired to make a wide variety of information about Handel and his music more accessible to the fledgling internet community. In May 2001 the English Handel musicologist and journalist David Vickers joined this effort as co-producer of, and this version of the website developed in collaboration with Philippe Gelinaud (Paris) and technical advice from Ron Buesser (Boston, USA). Nowadays the website is the responsibility of David and the musicologist Matthew Gardner, with support from The Handel Institute and with some design and technical support from Duncan Fielden.

In our opinion, Handel deserves unequivocal recognition as one of the greatest composers, comfortably equal in artistic stature to other eighteenth-century musicians such as Bach, Vivaldi, Rameau, Haydn, Mozart, etc. We hope this web site serves as a valuable resource for every kind of Handelian - enthusiast, scholar, professional musician, student and amateur performer alike.

We aim to cultivate accuracy in our information about Handel. Nevertheless, we are only human and prone to imperfections. If you spot any factual or typographical errors, or wish to submit constructive comments about how we can correct or develop content, please contact us.

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Dr David Vickers
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (UK)
Prof. Matthew Gardner
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Germany)

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