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Friends of The Handel Institute

To become a Friend of The Handel Institute the minimum subscription is £20 / $36 per annum (student £10 / $18). As a Friend of The Handel Institute you will receive two issues of the Newsletter for each year of subscription; these include research articles, previews of musicological conferences devoted to Handel, and reviews of festivals and opera productions - especially those taking place overseas. (Index of Newsletter articles)

By subscribing to The Handel Institute you will also be supporting the work of a registered educational charity devoted to promoting the study and appreciation of the music and life of George Frideric Handel and his contemporaries and associates. We also welcome larger donations and gifts; their value is increased if made under the Gift Aid Scheme.

Please address all subscriptions, contributions and related enquiries to the treasurer:

Sylvia Levi
254a Kew Road
United Kingdom

All other enquiries should be addressed to the Secretary:

Dr Helen Coffey


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